Karen Louden Allanach

Writer & Editor
Do you need help bringing your company’s mission to life through words? As a writer, editor, and communications consultant, I can help you reach your audience. My adventurous career has taken me from a stint in the wild and memory-making music industry to finding my center telling other people’s stories as a news reporter, to a long stretch advocating for animals for a national nonprofit organization.
My writing is flexible and eclectic. General assignment reporting prepared me to write about almost any topic under the sun. Genomics, animals, education, transportation, business, personal profiles, faith, music, gardening, and cars, are some of the issues I’ve covered.

Messaging & Marketing
What types of writing can I help you with? Communication tools include press releases, brochures, social media, magazine articles, marketing postcards, speeches, and advertisements. I’ve designed effective marketing tools and can help you too.

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